Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Bar

This old couple comes to be bar often. they watch nascar and drink a bottle of korbel.
champagne and nascar... what could be better than that.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Post Grad

So, I finally graduated, and I was beyond excited about leaving the university and being embraced by the world. It seems that the world was not nearly as excited. Receiving my BFA in Photography and Video Art, which I enjoy passionately, has left me with no kind of job advancement. So, I am still a bartender/waitress. I considered leaving this small college town, however, I am not willing to compromise my safety for an affordable closet in the worst part of town. I also refuse to move home and rejoin the group of people I left five years ago. Maybe I am just being too picky.

I decided to stay here for a year and see what happens, but since graduation, no, post thesis, I have been:
sleeping more than most people (other college students) could dream about
watching bad television because I can
surrounding myself with the least pretentious people known to man
trying to regroup and gather myself for the woes of graduate school applications
and mindlessly surfing the internet for things that I cannot afford

Two days ago, I made a decision. I am going back to school for two semesters, and finishing my psychology degree. Trading in the studio for an actual lecture, and Critiques for actual Tests will be quite a challenge, but I think it will be a breath of fresh air. I cannot let those classes I have taken go to waste. I am the type of person that cleans my plate at dinner because after all there are starving people in the world and even next door.

So, Within this space expect hear about a journey of a POST GRAD UNDERGRAD